Jenny Cleaver is a dependable and proactive caregiver. When I was hospitalized last summer, a friend's daughter was supposed to stop in on my dog Molly during the day. Jenny was to care for Molly at night. The friend's daughter just didn't go, and didn't let anyone know, even though I had given her several numbers to call. Jenny noticed how lonely Molly was and took her home with her. If she hadn't,  Molly, at age 14, would have been alone 12- 14 hours a day for 18 days.  I was in an ICU 13 days while this was going on. Jenny took initiative to help Molly when I couldn't.
After I was home and Molly needed to go to the vet, but I couldn't drive or get Molly in the car yet, Jenny took her for me.

Jenny loves my dogs and grieves as I do when one of them goes to doggie heaven. She is excited when I bring a new doggie home. My dogs are important to her, just as they are to me.
If you need someone to care for your pets, someone you can count on without a second thought, Jenny Cleaver is the person to call!

Tina - Huntsville



We've been a client of Jenny's Pets since soon after we moved to Huntsville 5 years ago, and it has been a blessing.  We originally had 2 Chow Chows and one of them had severe fear issues due to some abuse she suffered early in her life so we had not ever been able to find a pet sitter or boarding facility who could handle her.  Jenny was able to not only gain their trust but also their love and we were able to leave them home without any worries for the first time.  We've even had her spend the night with them when one of them was sick and we had to go out of town.

The Chow Chows have passed since, and we got a couple of puppies from the shelter as replacements.  As luck would have it, one of the puppies is friendly while his sister is afraid of everything, especially people.  Once again, Jenny is one of the few people that my puppies both trust.  The puppies are now huge adult dogs and they jump with joy and are ecstatic every time Jenny comes to see them.

It's really great knowing that we have someone like Jenny whom we can trust to handle any problems with our dogs.  She can nurse them if they need it, take them to the vet, give them baths, clip their nails, and even express their anal glands! We know that if we cannot get home to take care of our dogs, we can just call Jenny.

Michie & Mike Rayborn - Hunstville



 Our family is very pleased with the friendship that has developed with Jenny through the years!  She and her staff are very caring and capable who handle all situations with the utmost professionalism.  Our pets range from a puppy to adults and each presents a unique opportunity for her and her staff to excel; they have never let us down.  Whether it is a visit during the day or a vacation lasting several days we are able to enjoy ourselves knowing that Jenny's Pets is there for us and them.

Lauerel - Huntsville